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Albert Marks, Client Relationship Manager

Albert is a proud member of the team who provides an extensive knowledge of social media and digital marketing as well as an outstanding track record in customer relations.   Albert oversees the company's blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles (don’t forget to follow us!).   Albert has incredible interpersonal skills that have resulted in meaningful conversations with people from all walks of life and have led to great success with client acquisition and retention. He develops a sense of trust with his clients, always keeping their best intentions and goals in mind.  Albert lives by the motto "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose".


Albert lives in Whitefish Bay, WI with his wife, Rachel, his son, George, and his daughter, Dena. He enjoys spending time with his family, is a self-proclaimed "greasy" foodie (no tapas for this guy), and is a die-hard fan of his beloved Tennessee Titans. He is actively involved in his community with such organizations as the Ben Gino Early Childhood Fund, St. Ben's Food Pantry, the Jewish Federation of Milwaukee, and many more.